Giving your business a unique brand image is vital, the kind of image you give it, even more so. The way people see your company represents who you are, it is all that matters, because if they don’t like what they see, they might never end up buying your product or using your service no matter how amazing the quality is.

It is very important to display your logo in the right medium for the job so that you can get the maximum out of it. Although embroidered custom apparel is a great way to display your brand image and can look very classy, there are certain times when screen printing is the more appropriate choice. Screen printing is a method by which an image is transferred onto a flat surface by pressing ink through a stretched piece of fine mesh (a screen). The resulting image is two dimensional and akin to an image printed out on paper.

Here’s what you should consider before delving into the world of screen printing.

The logo

The type of logo design your business has is very important in determining the process you choose to display it. Since an image is transferred directly through a screen, it is possible to get more detail and a more complicated image into the design. With inks, it is also possible to create specific shades of colors so the result is more vibrant and diverse, with exact colors being recreated that might not be available in thread. Also, it is easier to get a larger size print on the material without it looking off. A large sized logo might be embroidered as well but it might start to look gaudy and would probably not sit well on the material, and it definitely won’t be something people would want to wear.

The material and overall feel

The type of material you want the job done on is also an important factor. If you want a more casual and comfortable look, it is good to use a T-shirt or a sweatshirt to transfer your design on. The material of a T-shirt is not stable enough to hold embroidery in place and might get ruined after a while with the weight of it, while the sweatshirt has a casual appeal and so embroidery clashes with the style at times. Printing is a great way to go with these materials. Sports jerseys are also a good place to use screen printing on, as they are lightweight and casual, and need large flashy printed material. Also, as mentioned, the overall look and feel you get from a screen-printed fabric is of casual comfort, so if this is the image your brand seeks to portray, this is what you should go with.


Screen printing costs depend of a number of factors, such as size of the order, the number of colors being used, and number of places the image will appear on, for example front, back, etc. So if you have a large order to place, your cost will probably go down while with embroidery’s usual per-stitch cost, large orders with end up costing much more. However, more colors and more places to print will increase your cost, so this is something to be considered when selecting your medium. With this short guide, you will now be able to make a more informed decision about your branding medium. Spotlight Business Branding offers both embroidery and screen printing services and will be able to help you out with any branding technique you might choose when it comes to apparel.