As everyone has started connecting digitally, there are many that are starting to lose faith in this traditional medium of business cards.

On the contrary, business cards are perhaps one of the rare mediums that have managed to stay strong after the digital revolution.

An amazing Networking Tool

Business cards have ever been, and continue to be, extremely effective networking tools. In fact, they are the first items to be exchanged at the beginning of every meeting. The exchange of business cards has long been the trademark of networking even though they may have changed in nature. A business card is now a tool for the promotion of the business and the brand you’re involved with.

Serves as a Reminder

A uniquely designed business card is always impressive and continues to impress after it has been received. If the recipient places it nearby for safekeeping, they will be reminded of you and your brand every time they come across it.

Marketing Tool

As mentioned before, the business card is no longer only a networking tool but also an excellent marketing one. Since it contains the branding elements that your business is associated with, it has the dual responsibility of creating a connection and promoting the services and products of your brand.

Design Matters!

The world is getting more and more visual day by day. While business cards cannot quite match up to the moving graphics that are seen on websites, they can come quite close with some great designs. Great design has multiple purposes to fulfill in a business card. The very first thing it needs to do is incorporate the logo of your business and official colors in a way that make them stand out. Another area where you can play with design is the overall shape of the card. While many go for the tradition rectangular route, there are others who get much more innovative.

Direct Marketing

A well designed business card is a form of direct marketing which always precedes digital promotional efforts. While digital methods may be taking over, old fashioned meet-ups and chats are a long way from extinction. Human beings love interaction and getting to know each other and one great step in that direction is exchanging business cards.


Another factor which separates business cards from other marketing tools is that it manages to stay with the recipient long after first contact. In fact, they may even have a shelf life of months. Digital software may seem timeless since it isn’t subject to wear and tear but the chances of users revisiting the same area without consistent efforts and resource allocation are slim.

In addition, as trends keep changing and software updates keep rolling out, investment needs to be made every few months to make sure you’re at the top of your game. A well designed business card will make sure that you’re trendy throughout the years.

First Impressions

It takes a total of 7 seconds to make an impression on an individual and business cards are what will help you in those fleeting moments. A great business card which represents your workplace and therefore your daily occupation will be treated as an extension of you. As you share your contact
information, the card will immediately be subject to the same judgment as you. If you failed to use high quality stock for printing your cards, you may end up giving the impression that your company is perhaps not as committed to quality.