Spending a small fraction of your budget on promotional products is a great way to show off your brand. These promotional items are not very expensive, but in return they can provide your brand the exposure it needs for extending your customer base. There are a lot of benefits of utilizing these products, especially for small business, as they bear your brand’s name, contact info, and logo, which develops awareness among people.

According to a recent survey, about 52% of the total surveyed people said that their opinion regarding a company is more positive when they receive a promotional item from them, and about 48% said that they even use those products daily.

Here are 5 benefits that small businesses can reap by utilizing promotional products to their advantage.

1.     Improved Brand Recognition

One of the key elements for a business, regardless of it being big or small, is its brand recognition. How can you enable your business to not only standout from the crowd, but also remain in minds of the consumers, both potential and current? The answer lies in promotional products, as they are a simple marketing tool that has better influence on consumers’ mind than any other form of advertisement.

Promotional products enhance the brand awareness of your small business by providing the customers a product having your logo and contact info, which they can use in their daily life. This will keep reminding them of your business and in time of need, they will most likely turn towards your services and products too.

2.     An Alternative to Business Cards

While business cards are a professional way of spreading your name out in the crowd, distributing promotional does the similar job, but in a creative and more effective way. Instead of just giving a business card to a potential customer, try giving them a branded, tangible product along with it. For example, if own an automotive garage or showroom, you can give each customer a keychain with your garage or showroom’s logo along with contact info as a reminder for future.

3.     Reaching Out Mass at a Low Cost

Trying to figure out which type of items can give you that “bang for the buck” is rather daunting. It is difficult to select the marketing items that are most effective for branding of your small business with a tight budget. With a small price, promotional products have a lasting impact on the customers and provide great value to your investment. Keep in mind that a simple and small giveaway item has the power to win a customer’s loyalty.

4.     Repetitive Exposure

Human beings have the tendency of forgetting things very easily, especially those which they do not use in their daily life. So what you can do to keep your products and services in front of the customers without spending a lot of money from time to time? The answer is simple; Promotional Products! Think of those items that people can use on a daily basis and which will remind them of your business.

For example, if you run a bar, you can hand out koozies or free bottle openers with your business info on them.

5.     Alternating Marketing Tactics

Would you prefer eating the same burger from the same restaurant in lunch every day of the week or having 3 different types of foods in a week? People mostly prefer variety over consistency these days. Although having signature marketing products is important, but having the diversity in things you can use to brand you business is important as well!