Having your vehicle wrapped is an excellent investment. It is a guarantee that whatever graphics is on the wrap will be seen by thousands if not hundreds of folks throughout its lifetime. It is an endless form of advertising. Vehicle wrapping can help market or publicize your business, and it is why most people in Calgary are doing it. However, as beneficial as wrapping your car is, you need to take proper care of it so that it serves you longer.

Note that vehicle wrapping is a whole lot different than car paint. The latter can survive harsh conditions compared to having vinyl plastered on top of it. It will be bad for business if you hit the road with a worn out vehicle wrap.

Did you know that a vehicle wrap can last for five to seven years if it is properly maintained? This is quite a long time for your vehicle, and the adverts placed on it to look fresh. If you too want to protect your wrapped cars and hit the road with confidence, here are some tips to help you out.

1. Clean Your Car Regularly

Most people think that just because vehicle wraps are removable, the car needs not to be washed. Well, regular cleaning of the vehicle goes a long way into ensuring the wrap lasts longer. More especially, if you reside in busy towns where there is a lot of smoke, dust, and dirt, it is advisable to wash the car at least twice or thrice in a week.

The good news is, washing a wrapped vehicle doesn’t require any unique products. Water and a mild detergent will do just the trick. Also, the scrubbing should be gentle.

2. Be Mindful of Pressure Car Washing

High-pressure washers can lift some parts of the vinyl. This is why, if possible, you should avoid them entirely. Please use a regular garden hose to wash your car. In instances where there is no other alternative, you can use pressure washing but ensure the washer is below 2,000 psi. You should also be mindful about the temperature of the water. It shouldn’t be too hot or too cold.

3. Auto Insurance

If your car is covered by comprehensive auto insurance, then the vehicle wrap is considered as part of the vehicle’s total value. Similar to other parts of your car, in case something happens to it, the insurance company will replace or restore it. Get an auto insurance quote Calgary today, since having auto insurance guarantees that the costs of repairing or replacing the vinyl wrap will be paid for you in case it gets damaged.

4. Learn to Remove Stains Immediately

The longer stains sit on your vehicle wrap, the harder it becomes for you to remove them. This is why you should learn to remove them right away. Whenever you hit the road, always check for stains in between stops. Be it bird poop, dead insects, or mud, make an effort of removing it right away to avoid further complications. When dealing with nasty stains, use warm water or preferably isopropyl alcohol. Use a microfiber clothe and avoid brushes with rough thistles completely.

5. Avoid Exposing Your Car to the Sun for Long Periods

UV exposure is one of the leading agents that can damage your car wrap. This is why you should ensure your car doesn’t stay in the sun for long periods.

If you don’t own a garage, make sure you build a shelter both at work and at home. This will minimize the vinyl wrap exposure to UV. Also, if you are driving to other destinations, always look for a parking with sufficient shade.

Final Thoughts

Now that you are familiar with the top tips of protecting your wrapped vehicles, you can hit the road with confidence knowing that the graphics on your car look fresh and enticing. Don’t forget that regular washing and using the right cleaning products will preserve your wrap for the longest time possible. Also, having auto insurance will reduce all the worries of what you will do when your vehicle wrap gets damaged.