A food truck is a great and cost effective way for people to run a restaurant on a low budget. The overheads associated with it are fewer; like low staffing, no rent cost, etc. and you can reach your customers by going to them, instead of waiting for them to come to you. However, with the restaurant industry getting more competitive by the passing day, how can you make your ‘restaurant on wheels’ attract more customers than its dine-in counterparts?

One of the best ways to catch the customers’ attention is by adding vibrant and vivid graphics to your food truck for effective branding. Here are five cool tips for making your food truck more ‘visible’ to the customers:

1.     Go for Vivacious and Appealing Colors

The color of your food truck is the first thing that will catch the eye of your prospective customers. Remember that people want to see things that appeal to their eyes. It is a common advertising gimmick that including colors like red and similar shades; make people hungry and attract them towards the food. But, adding red to your food truck will certainly not work if you are targeted an audience that is vegetarian. In that case, using bright green will communicate your message to them in a better manner.

Apart from thinking about color associations, visibility is also a factor to consider. A light colored truck may look like a courier service truck from a distance instead of a food truck. So go for bold colors and make it impossible for the vehicle to be mistaken for something else.

2.     Professionally Designed Logo

To be a professional in your business, looking professional is necessary. So if you are getting your food truck wrapped by a professional, it is better to hire a professional logo designer as well. A well-designed logo can effectively communicate the type and quality food you sell and can appeal to the customers to come over to your truck and taste your food.

3.     Professional Photography

There is no doubt about the fact that what may look appealing to the eye in reality may not look as appealing in photos, particularly if it is not taken from a certain perspective and angle. If you are thinking of including pictures of food in your wrap, it is better to hire a professional food photographer for it, as they know all the angles and sides from which the food can look more scrumptious to the viewer.

4.     Don’t Leave out the Important Information

With all the colors, photos, logos and designs, don’t forget the important textual stuff. Be sure to add things like an email address, phone number, Facebook or Twitter link, on your wrap; so that customers can get in touch with you. Also, adding a catchy tagline or a picture of your best selling items will also help the people in pointing you out easily in the crowd.

5.     Don’t Leave any Side(s) Unwrapped

A vehicle wrap should be a full-body wrap with covering on all four sides. This also gives you more space to spur out your creative side. For example, you can put up food deals, with a limited or full menu on one side. You may use another side to write the name of your business in large bold letters with a big logo. You can put a lot of pictures of different foods to let people know what you are selling. Use the space around your food truck wisely and be creative about it too!