Vehicle wrapping is a great way to make sure everyone knows who you are. If you have a customized vehicle out there, chances are everyone at some point has seen it cruising along in the distance. It also helps that the cost per 100 views for vehicles wraps is the lowest of all the other modes of branding and promotion. However, before you jump in head first, it is good to know a little bit about the different methods used to adorn your rides.

Magnetic car signs

These can be quickly designed and easily applied to your vehicle and are probably the cheapest option available. Plus they are temporary, and can be taken off in case your promotional vehicle doubles as your personal ride as well. However, these look very unprofessional and do not give the same look and feel as the more proper methods. If you are willing to spend more to give your business the right image, it is better to steer clear of this method.


This method allows you to get a simple deign printed and wrapped on your vehicle. It is the most popular way to get the job done and is also very cost effective. It gives a great professional, finished feel to your vehicles and is great for fleets of vehicles to give them a uniform look. Spotlighting Business Branding offers high quality cut- vinyl wraps as well as marine grade vinyl wraps that can be used on boats. Vinyl lasts about 8 years if applied properly, and is semi permanent, so if you’re using it for a temporary promotion, it can always be removed. There are 3 main types of Vinyl films:

Calendar Vinyl

Calendar film is thicker and incorporates a stronger adhesive, which is why it is best used on flat surfaces such as box trucks. If used on curved surfaces of cars and vans, it will look great for a little while but then would start to bubble at the edges. It is also a little more difficult to move or remove once it has been stuck.

Cast Vinyl

Cast film is more flexible and versatile than calendar film and can be easily used on all kinds of surfaces, which is why it is always a better choice. It is also easier to reposition and remove cast vinyl when needed. It is however a little more expensive than calendar, but don’t let this be the reason you get a temporary solution to your wrapping needs.

  • Reflective Vinyl

Reflective vinyl is great for making your brand shine and sparkly at night, and to increase general visibility at night for safety reasons. This type of vinyl is usually used in vehicles like ambulances and fire trucks, which move fast and need others to see them at night to avoid collisions.

Full wrap

This kind of wrapping makes a bold statement by covering the whole vehicle. This is a very versatile method as you can have any kind of design incorporated in it with images, colors, text and graphics. Full Wrap designs work great for advertisements and promotional messages as they are large and eye-catching, and when used on trucks and buses they act as billboards on wheels. They do cost a lot more than cut-vinyl however, so most people prefer not to use them unless it is really necessary.

When deciding upon any of these methods, it is important to be clear about what you want to achieve with your wrapped vehicle. Different methods work better for different uses, and it is important to use the right kind for your vehicles in order to get the best kind of response from your customers.