Promoting through customized products is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to make sure you are remembered by your customers. At $ 0.004 per impression, promotional products provide a better cost-per-impression than any other form of media advertising. Not only do you stay fresh in your existing customers’ minds, but every time they use the product, hundreds of people are exposed to your company’s name. This makes it imperative to choose the products you use very carefully, as they should be interesting, useful and durable, so as not to be thrown away or get damaged too quickly. Below are 6 of the best promotional products to pick from.

Water bottles and travel mugs

We all know it’s a great idea to hand out mugs to your customers, but usually, they end up staying in the home or the office and so the exposure is limited to the people who frequent these places. However, with water bottles and travel mugs, you are giving people a useful product that will be seen by a whole set of new people everyday your customers head out to work with their morning pick-me-up or to the park for a nice run.


These are another great way to make a great impression. These huge, spacey bags can hold all manner of important items and can be used to carry your shopping too, if you’re looking for an eco-friendly option. It is something that is very useful and is carried around for all to see to get your company the right kind of exposure.

Custom t-shirts and jackets

Cute T-shirt and jacket designs are always a hit item to customize. Again, they are worn out and about so they get you maximum exposure, and if you acquire a good quality product, they won’t get ruined too quickly either.

Wall Clocks

Promotional Clocks go well on office walls, or even at home at times. It is one of those useful items that people don’t want to go out of their way for, and so it’s a happy convenience when your company gifts it to them. They also stay in use a long time, provided you use the kind that doesn’t go bust too quickly. You can also add an interesting fun element to them by completely customizing them into a shape that is significant to your brand.

Calendars and diaries

Again, very useful items that people don’t usually buy, especially Calendars. A nice leather diary with your logo etched in would give an impression of class and elegance. However, they have a limited life, and usually stay in the office or the home, mostly hidden from view.

Key-chains and fridge magnets

These might be little, but they work wonders. They are always needed, and are constantly glanced at so that your customers are frequently reminded of you. They are also very easy to customize into fun shapes and cool design that people would love to use.

Customized bobble-heads

This is the most interesting way to show your customers a light-hearted fun side of your business. This is a gift they would love to receive and something their friends will talk about as well. They will constantly stay in vision, in the car or at an office desk, and can be fully customized into any form; your boss, the company mascot, or a famous personality your business is associated with.