5 Benefits of Using Promotional Products for Small Businesses

Spending a small fraction of your budget on promotional products is a great way to show off your brand. These promotional items are not very expensive, but in return they can provide your brand the exposure it needs for extending your customer base. There are a lot of benefits of utilizing these products, especially for small business, as they bear your brand’s name, contact info, and logo, which develops awareness among people.

According to a recent survey, about 52% of the total surveyed people said that their opinion regarding a company is more positive when they receive a promotional item from them, and about 48% said that they even use those products daily.

Here are 5 benefits that small businesses can reap by utilizing promotional products to their advantage.

1.     Improved Brand Recognition

One of the key elements for a business, regardless of it being big or small, is its brand recognition. How can you enable your business to not only standout from the crowd, but also remain in minds of the consumers, both potential and current? The answer lies in promotional products, as they are a simple marketing tool that has better influence on consumers’ mind than any other form of advertisement.

Promotional products enhance the brand awareness of your small business by providing the customers a product having your logo and contact info, which they can use in their daily life. This will keep reminding them of your business and in time of need, they will most likely turn towards your services and products too.

2.     An Alternative to Business Cards

While business cards are a professional way of spreading your name out in the crowd, distributing promotional does the similar job, but in a creative and more effective way. Instead of just giving a business card to a potential customer, try giving them a branded, tangible product along with it. For example, if own an automotive garage or showroom, you can give each customer a keychain with your garage or showroom’s logo along with contact info as a reminder for future.

3.     Reaching Out Mass at a Low Cost

Trying to figure out which type of items can give you that “bang for the buck” is rather daunting. It is difficult to select the marketing items that are most effective for branding of your small business with a tight budget. With a small price, promotional products have a lasting impact on the customers and provide great value to your investment. Keep in mind that a simple and small giveaway item has the power to win a customer’s loyalty.

4.     Repetitive Exposure

Human beings have the tendency of forgetting things very easily, especially those which they do not use in their daily life. So what you can do to keep your products and services in front of the customers without spending a lot of money from time to time? The answer is simple; Promotional Products! Think of those items that people can use on a daily basis and which will remind them of your business.

For example, if you run a bar, you can hand out koozies or free bottle openers with your business info on them.

5.     Alternating Marketing Tactics

Would you prefer eating the same burger from the same restaurant in lunch every day of the week or having 3 different types of foods in a week? People mostly prefer variety over consistency these days. Although having signature marketing products is important, but having the diversity in things you can use to brand you business is important as well!

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Selecting Promotional Products, 7 Things to Consider

Selecting promotional products are a great way to advertise, but often, the difficulty is in selecting promotional products to use for the give-away. Whether or not your give-away will help your business depends solely on what you give away. There are a few things to consider when selecting promotional products, which will make your decision much easier.

The audience

It is important to think about who your target audience is. Different kinds of products work for different age groups, genders and ethnicities. While older audiences prefer to receive items such as pens and calendars, younger generations would lean towards safety products and interesting and unique items. There are certain items that all audiences enjoy the same amount such as mugs, T-shirts and key chains. When selecting promotional products, make sure your demographics at at top of mind.


This is probably the most important factor. If your freebie serves no purpose, it is likely to either be thrown away or tucked away in a drawer or a cupboard. When selecting promotional products such as bags, apparel, mugs, clocks, key chains, calendars, stationary and office items are all great gifts as most people get a lot of use out of them.

The event/theme/location

Besides just selecting promotional products, the where and when you give out this item also plays a huge part in its success. If this is a company beach trip, fun and useful beach items would work, such as visors, mini sunblock bottles, or beach slippers. However, at a convention it is good to give out a tote bag that will be circulated throughout the convention and bring attention to your booth.

Long lasting

The product you give out must be durable and long-lasting. T-shirts and bags can usually last for years depending on usage, while a calendar is only valid for a year. Others might last a few months of weeks, such as pens and notebooks. When you select promotional products, avoid giving out fragile and flimsy items as they usually perish, unless it is to promote a temporary event such as a sale.

Purpose of the promotion

The types of products you use will be very different depending on what kind of affect you’re looking for. If you want to create brand loyalty and gift it to your customers as a thank you for choosing you, and keep them reminded of you at the same time, then something they can keep on their desk or use at the office would work as it will be in their sight at all times. However, if you’re looking for maximum exposure for your brand, it’s best to go for an item like a bag or a T-shirt that will be out there for all to see.


You can also select promotional products that are relevant to what your business sells, as this will better promote your company. For example, if you sell kitchen utensils, you would benefit from mini bottle openers that double as key chains, or corkscrews that are also fridge magnets.


Last but certainly not the least, make sure the product you hand out is good quality and stylishly designed. Not only will this ensure the customer uses the product, but a shoddy, cheap-looking gift will reflect badly on your company name and destroy your brand image. Selecting promotional products must be done carefully, as this object will create an impression on your customer, and it is important to make it a good one. Choose something that gets the audience excited and creates a buzz, and that is not easily forgotten.

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6 Best Promotional Products to Guarantee You Are Remembered

Promoting through customized products is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to make sure you are remembered by your customers. At $ 0.004 per impression, promotional products provide a better cost-per-impression than any other form of media advertising. Not only do you stay fresh in your existing customers’ minds, but every time they use the product, hundreds of people are exposed to your company’s name. This makes it imperative to choose the products you use very carefully, as they should be interesting, useful and durable, so as not to be thrown away or get damaged too quickly. Below are 6 of the best promotional products to pick from.

Water bottles and travel mugs

We all know it’s a great idea to hand out mugs to your customers, but usually, they end up staying in the home or the office and so the exposure is limited to the people who frequent these places. However, with water bottles and travel mugs, you are giving people a useful product that will be seen by a whole set of new people everyday your customers head out to work with their morning pick-me-up or to the park for a nice run.


These are another great way to make a great impression. These huge, spacey bags can hold all manner of important items and can be used to carry your shopping too, if you’re looking for an eco-friendly option. It is something that is very useful and is carried around for all to see to get your company the right kind of exposure.

Custom t-shirts and jackets

Cute T-shirt and jacket designs are always a hit item to customize. Again, they are worn out and about so they get you maximum exposure, and if you acquire a good quality product, they won’t get ruined too quickly either.

Wall Clocks

Promotional Clocks go well on office walls, or even at home at times. It is one of those useful items that people don’t want to go out of their way for, and so it’s a happy convenience when your company gifts it to them. They also stay in use a long time, provided you use the kind that doesn’t go bust too quickly. You can also add an interesting fun element to them by completely customizing them into a shape that is significant to your brand.

Calendars and diaries

Again, very useful items that people don’t usually buy, especially Calendars. A nice leather diary with your logo etched in would give an impression of class and elegance. However, they have a limited life, and usually stay in the office or the home, mostly hidden from view.

Key-chains and fridge magnets

These might be little, but they work wonders. They are always needed, and are constantly glanced at so that your customers are frequently reminded of you. They are also very easy to customize into fun shapes and cool design that people would love to use.

Customized bobble-heads

This is the most interesting way to show your customers a light-hearted fun side of your business. This is a gift they would love to receive and something their friends will talk about as well. They will constantly stay in vision, in the car or at an office desk, and can be fully customized into any form; your boss, the company mascot, or a famous personality your business is associated with.

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