Cool Tips for Creating Your Food Truck Vehicle Wrap

A food truck is a great and cost effective way for people to run a restaurant on a low budget. The overheads associated with it are fewer; like low staffing, no rent cost, etc. and you can reach your customers by going to them, instead of waiting for them to come to you. However, with the restaurant industry getting more competitive by the passing day, how can you make your ‘restaurant on wheels’ attract more customers than its dine-in counterparts?

One of the best ways to catch the customers’ attention is by adding vibrant and vivid graphics to your food truck for effective branding. Here are five cool tips for making your food truck more ‘visible’ to the customers:

1.     Go for Vivacious and Appealing Colors

The color of your food truck is the first thing that will catch the eye of your prospective customers. Remember that people want to see things that appeal to their eyes. It is a common advertising gimmick that including colors like red and similar shades; make people hungry and attract them towards the food. But, adding red to your food truck will certainly not work if you are targeted an audience that is vegetarian. In that case, using bright green will communicate your message to them in a better manner.

Apart from thinking about color associations, visibility is also a factor to consider. A light colored truck may look like a courier service truck from a distance instead of a food truck. So go for bold colors and make it impossible for the vehicle to be mistaken for something else.

2.     Professionally Designed Logo

To be a professional in your business, looking professional is necessary. So if you are getting your food truck wrapped by a professional, it is better to hire a professional logo designer as well. A well-designed logo can effectively communicate the type and quality food you sell and can appeal to the customers to come over to your truck and taste your food.

3.     Professional Photography

There is no doubt about the fact that what may look appealing to the eye in reality may not look as appealing in photos, particularly if it is not taken from a certain perspective and angle. If you are thinking of including pictures of food in your wrap, it is better to hire a professional food photographer for it, as they know all the angles and sides from which the food can look more scrumptious to the viewer.

4.     Don’t Leave out the Important Information

With all the colors, photos, logos and designs, don’t forget the important textual stuff. Be sure to add things like an email address, phone number, Facebook or Twitter link, on your wrap; so that customers can get in touch with you. Also, adding a catchy tagline or a picture of your best selling items will also help the people in pointing you out easily in the crowd.

5.     Don’t Leave any Side(s) Unwrapped

A vehicle wrap should be a full-body wrap with covering on all four sides. This also gives you more space to spur out your creative side. For example, you can put up food deals, with a limited or full menu on one side. You may use another side to write the name of your business in large bold letters with a big logo. You can put a lot of pictures of different foods to let people know what you are selling. Use the space around your food truck wisely and be creative about it too!

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Which Type of Embroidery is best for your Logo Design?

Creating a unified brand image for your business is very important. It gives your company a professional appearance and helps your customer identify with the brand. When your staff is dressed in the same attire, it tells your customers that you function as a team and carry the same kind of professionalism in all your dealings. Another great use for branding is in gifts and giveaways such as shirts, caps and bags so that your customers have something to keep your brand fresh in their minds and for you to get maximum exposure.

Embroidery is a professional and classy way to display your brand on most kinds of apparel, such as polos, button-down shirts, caps, bags, sweatshirts and jackets. It is versatile in terms of material and looks very good. There might be some limitations in terms of design, as not every design can be recreated in embroidery form; however this is nothing that cannot be fixed with a few minor adjustments to your design.

There are 3 main styles of embroidery that can be used depending on your specific branding needs:

Direct Embroidery

As the name suggests, this type of embroidery is applied directly to the material in question. In this technique, the material is put on a hoop and inserted into the embroidery machine. The logo becomes a part of the shirt and even though it stands out, depending on the colors and the logo itself, it still sits comfortably into the fabric. It is best used when your logo is not too complicated and does not have too many different colors happening as it is more difficult to get versatility when such a large piece of clothing is being handled by the machine.

Appliqué/Patch Embroidery

Over here, the embroidery is done on a separate piece of cloth and them either sewn or ironed onto the shirt, cap or any other piece of apparel. This technique is more versatile as a small patch is easier to handle in a machine. This is best used when your logo has a solid shape or large areas of solid color. This type of embroidery is more attention-grabbing as it can be stocky, depending on the shape of your logo, and the different colored patch stands out on the background fabric. The best use for this kind of embroidery is usually in uniforms such as policemen or paramedics, as it is not considered particularly attractive. Even so, a few major brands have been known to use this style such as the Ferrari and BMW logos. However, in this case it is best to keep the size of your logo small as the thick patch can be an eyesore if it is too big.

Tone on Tone

This is a style of direct embroidery that you can use in case you do not want to scream out your logo. Mostly brands want their logos noticeable and so use striking contrasts and bright colors to grab attention from afar. Patch embroidery is especially good for this as it is a solid color on a different colored background. However, sometimes subtlety goes a long way. It looks more sophisticated and displays your brand logo without being too overtly promotional. The best effect is achieved when the logo is one or two shades lighter than the background. The logo blends into the material yet effectively getting the message across in a subtle manner.

When choosing the best kind of embroidery for your logo, it is important to consider a number of things. The design of the logo is paramount, and the brand Image and use are also important. All three methods give a unique look, and whichever one you choose, your business is sure to achieve a nice and professional look. Tell us which one you’d opt for in the comments below!

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How To Wrap It Up – Best Ways To Wrap Your Vehicle

Vehicle wrapping is a great way to make sure everyone knows who you are. If you have a customized vehicle out there, chances are everyone at some point has seen it cruising along in the distance. It also helps that the cost per 100 views for vehicles wraps is the lowest of all the other modes of branding and promotion. However, before you jump in head first, it is good to know a little bit about the different methods used to adorn your rides.

Magnetic car signs

These can be quickly designed and easily applied to your vehicle and are probably the cheapest option available. Plus they are temporary, and can be taken off in case your promotional vehicle doubles as your personal ride as well. However, these look very unprofessional and do not give the same look and feel as the more proper methods. If you are willing to spend more to give your business the right image, it is better to steer clear of this method.


This method allows you to get a simple deign printed and wrapped on your vehicle. It is the most popular way to get the job done and is also very cost effective. It gives a great professional, finished feel to your vehicles and is great for fleets of vehicles to give them a uniform look. Spotlighting Business Branding offers high quality cut- vinyl wraps as well as marine grade vinyl wraps that can be used on boats. Vinyl lasts about 8 years if applied properly, and is semi permanent, so if you’re using it for a temporary promotion, it can always be removed. There are 3 main types of Vinyl films:

Calendar Vinyl

Calendar film is thicker and incorporates a stronger adhesive, which is why it is best used on flat surfaces such as box trucks. If used on curved surfaces of cars and vans, it will look great for a little while but then would start to bubble at the edges. It is also a little more difficult to move or remove once it has been stuck.

Cast Vinyl

Cast film is more flexible and versatile than calendar film and can be easily used on all kinds of surfaces, which is why it is always a better choice. It is also easier to reposition and remove cast vinyl when needed. It is however a little more expensive than calendar, but don’t let this be the reason you get a temporary solution to your wrapping needs.

  • Reflective Vinyl

Reflective vinyl is great for making your brand shine and sparkly at night, and to increase general visibility at night for safety reasons. This type of vinyl is usually used in vehicles like ambulances and fire trucks, which move fast and need others to see them at night to avoid collisions.

Full wrap

This kind of wrapping makes a bold statement by covering the whole vehicle. This is a very versatile method as you can have any kind of design incorporated in it with images, colors, text and graphics. Full Wrap designs work great for advertisements and promotional messages as they are large and eye-catching, and when used on trucks and buses they act as billboards on wheels. They do cost a lot more than cut-vinyl however, so most people prefer not to use them unless it is really necessary.

When deciding upon any of these methods, it is important to be clear about what you want to achieve with your wrapped vehicle. Different methods work better for different uses, and it is important to use the right kind for your vehicles in order to get the best kind of response from your customers.

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5 Benefits of Using Promotional Products for Small Businesses

Spending a small fraction of your budget on promotional products is a great way to show off your brand. These promotional items are not very expensive, but in return they can provide your brand the exposure it needs for extending your customer base. There are a lot of benefits of utilizing these products, especially for small business, as they bear your brand’s name, contact info, and logo, which develops awareness among people.

According to a recent survey, about 52% of the total surveyed people said that their opinion regarding a company is more positive when they receive a promotional item from them, and about 48% said that they even use those products daily.

Here are 5 benefits that small businesses can reap by utilizing promotional products to their advantage.

1.     Improved Brand Recognition

One of the key elements for a business, regardless of it being big or small, is its brand recognition. How can you enable your business to not only standout from the crowd, but also remain in minds of the consumers, both potential and current? The answer lies in promotional products, as they are a simple marketing tool that has better influence on consumers’ mind than any other form of advertisement.

Promotional products enhance the brand awareness of your small business by providing the customers a product having your logo and contact info, which they can use in their daily life. This will keep reminding them of your business and in time of need, they will most likely turn towards your services and products too.

2.     An Alternative to Business Cards

While business cards are a professional way of spreading your name out in the crowd, distributing promotional does the similar job, but in a creative and more effective way. Instead of just giving a business card to a potential customer, try giving them a branded, tangible product along with it. For example, if own an automotive garage or showroom, you can give each customer a keychain with your garage or showroom’s logo along with contact info as a reminder for future.

3.     Reaching Out Mass at a Low Cost

Trying to figure out which type of items can give you that “bang for the buck” is rather daunting. It is difficult to select the marketing items that are most effective for branding of your small business with a tight budget. With a small price, promotional products have a lasting impact on the customers and provide great value to your investment. Keep in mind that a simple and small giveaway item has the power to win a customer’s loyalty.

4.     Repetitive Exposure

Human beings have the tendency of forgetting things very easily, especially those which they do not use in their daily life. So what you can do to keep your products and services in front of the customers without spending a lot of money from time to time? The answer is simple; Promotional Products! Think of those items that people can use on a daily basis and which will remind them of your business.

For example, if you run a bar, you can hand out koozies or free bottle openers with your business info on them.

5.     Alternating Marketing Tactics

Would you prefer eating the same burger from the same restaurant in lunch every day of the week or having 3 different types of foods in a week? People mostly prefer variety over consistency these days. Although having signature marketing products is important, but having the diversity in things you can use to brand you business is important as well!

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When to Choose Screen Printing For Your Branding Needs

Giving your business a unique brand image is vital, the kind of image you give it, even more so. The way people see your company represents who you are, it is all that matters, because if they don’t like what they see, they might never end up buying your product or using your service no matter how amazing the quality is.

It is very important to display your logo in the right medium for the job so that you can get the maximum out of it. Although embroidered custom apparel is a great way to display your brand image and can look very classy, there are certain times when screen printing is the more appropriate choice. Screen printing is a method by which an image is transferred onto a flat surface by pressing ink through a stretched piece of fine mesh (a screen). The resulting image is two dimensional and akin to an image printed out on paper.

Here’s what you should consider before delving into the world of screen printing.

The logo

The type of logo design your business has is very important in determining the process you choose to display it. Since an image is transferred directly through a screen, it is possible to get more detail and a more complicated image into the design. With inks, it is also possible to create specific shades of colors so the result is more vibrant and diverse, with exact colors being recreated that might not be available in thread. Also, it is easier to get a larger size print on the material without it looking off. A large sized logo might be embroidered as well but it might start to look gaudy and would probably not sit well on the material, and it definitely won’t be something people would want to wear.

The material and overall feel

The type of material you want the job done on is also an important factor. If you want a more casual and comfortable look, it is good to use a T-shirt or a sweatshirt to transfer your design on. The material of a T-shirt is not stable enough to hold embroidery in place and might get ruined after a while with the weight of it, while the sweatshirt has a casual appeal and so embroidery clashes with the style at times. Printing is a great way to go with these materials. Sports jerseys are also a good place to use screen printing on, as they are lightweight and casual, and need large flashy printed material. Also, as mentioned, the overall look and feel you get from a screen-printed fabric is of casual comfort, so if this is the image your brand seeks to portray, this is what you should go with.


Screen printing costs depend of a number of factors, such as size of the order, the number of colors being used, and number of places the image will appear on, for example front, back, etc. So if you have a large order to place, your cost will probably go down while with embroidery’s usual per-stitch cost, large orders with end up costing much more. However, more colors and more places to print will increase your cost, so this is something to be considered when selecting your medium. With this short guide, you will now be able to make a more informed decision about your branding medium. Spotlight Business Branding offers both embroidery and screen printing services and will be able to help you out with any branding technique you might choose when it comes to apparel.

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The Importance of a Well Designed Business Card

As everyone has started connecting digitally, there are many that are starting to lose faith in this traditional medium of business cards.

On the contrary, business cards are perhaps one of the rare mediums that have managed to stay strong after the digital revolution.

An amazing Networking Tool

Business cards have ever been, and continue to be, extremely effective networking tools. In fact, they are the first items to be exchanged at the beginning of every meeting. The exchange of business cards has long been the trademark of networking even though they may have changed in nature. A business card is now a tool for the promotion of the business and the brand you’re involved with.

Serves as a Reminder

A uniquely designed business card is always impressive and continues to impress after it has been received. If the recipient places it nearby for safekeeping, they will be reminded of you and your brand every time they come across it.

Marketing Tool

As mentioned before, the business card is no longer only a networking tool but also an excellent marketing one. Since it contains the branding elements that your business is associated with, it has the dual responsibility of creating a connection and promoting the services and products of your brand.

Design Matters!

The world is getting more and more visual day by day. While business cards cannot quite match up to the moving graphics that are seen on websites, they can come quite close with some great designs. Great design has multiple purposes to fulfill in a business card. The very first thing it needs to do is incorporate the logo of your business and official colors in a way that make them stand out. Another area where you can play with design is the overall shape of the card. While many go for the tradition rectangular route, there are others who get much more innovative.

Direct Marketing

A well designed business card is a form of direct marketing which always precedes digital promotional efforts. While digital methods may be taking over, old fashioned meet-ups and chats are a long way from extinction. Human beings love interaction and getting to know each other and one great step in that direction is exchanging business cards.


Another factor which separates business cards from other marketing tools is that it manages to stay with the recipient long after first contact. In fact, they may even have a shelf life of months. Digital software may seem timeless since it isn’t subject to wear and tear but the chances of users revisiting the same area without consistent efforts and resource allocation are slim.

In addition, as trends keep changing and software updates keep rolling out, investment needs to be made every few months to make sure you’re at the top of your game. A well designed business card will make sure that you’re trendy throughout the years.

First Impressions

It takes a total of 7 seconds to make an impression on an individual and business cards are what will help you in those fleeting moments. A great business card which represents your workplace and therefore your daily occupation will be treated as an extension of you. As you share your contact
information, the card will immediately be subject to the same judgment as you. If you failed to use high quality stock for printing your cards, you may end up giving the impression that your company is perhaps not as committed to quality.

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Choosing the Best Sign Material

When it comes to signage, the massive number of choices and decisions can become overwhelming. There are so many different, interesting and versatile ways to display your message that it becomes quite impossible to decide which direction to take. The only way to make the right decision is to learn a little bit about some of the different mediums and sign material that can be used for signage so that you can find the most effective way to say what you want to say. Below are some on the best options in sign material.


Also known as Plexiglass, Acrylic is glossy and a highly versatile plastic sheet. It is a strong and resilient material and has a sharp and sophisticated look and so is great for corporate settings. It is available in a variety of colors, and the material can easily be bent with heat which makes it easy to turn into different shapes, such as curved easels and curved table menus for restaurants. Thicker sheets can be used for plaques on walls of office buildings. Acrylic needs to be handled with care, however, as it scratches easily and is sensitive to direct sunlight.

Metal and Aluminum

Aluminum is a lightweight and durable material, while metal signs are slightly heavier and sturdier. Both are great for outdoor use, and when used with a baked enamel finish, become very attractive and weather-resistant. They can be used in building signs, real estate signs and parking garage signs and can be installed with a frame and stake, or can be glued, riveted or bolted to walls. However, the enamel does scratch easily so care needs to be taken during installation.


This is an extremely versatile and flexible material that can be used in a number of ways. You can create banners out of this material which can be used outdoors and indoors for all kinds of announcements and promotions. Vinyl and weather resistant and durable and is available in many colors. Other than this, Spot Light Business Branding offers Vinyl graphics and Wall lettering for almost any space, be it a demo area, waiting room, treatment center, or conference room. With this use of the material the possibilities become endless and you can use it for almost any kind of setting. However, it can only give short-term use when used outdoors.

Fabric Banners

Printed Fabric makes a great material for banners as they are lightweight, durable and washable. They can also easily be transported and stored, so that you don’t have to buy a new sign for regular events such as weekly or monthly conferences, meetings seminars, conventions etc. the sign can be created using ink jet printing or dye sublimation, which can only be used on polyester fabric and works well with images.

LED Channel Letters

These are 3-dimensional separate customized letters which come together to make a sign and have a very interesting affect, and because of the LED are easily visible at night as well as day. This makes them great mediums for Restaurants, shops and taverns. They are usually constructed with sheet metal, the choice of metal being Aluminum for Spotlight Business Branding as it is rust-free, and the front is transparent acrylic with the LED light behind it. These signs are very durable, but may need regular maintenance because of the technical component of the LED.

These are but a few of the vast options for sign material that can be used to display your signs and get your message across, but they are the most common ones, and can give you an idea of what all is possible. However, there are times when you require something custom made, something which you cannot neatly fall into a category, and Spot Light Business Branding can fulfill these requests as they do all manners of custom signage and build a promotional plan according to your specific needs using some of the above recommended sign material or customer fabricated sign material.

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How To Create an Effective Sign

Most of us regularly use effective signage for announcements and imparting safety information, or just giving our next Book Club meeting an interesting name. Signage is one of the most important types of promotion a business can utilize for maximum viewership, and for something that represents your business out in the world, it must be designed carefully. A bad design will make a bad impression, and can end up severely hurting your business. Here are a few things to consider when putting together a sign.


Your target audience must be able to see the sign with ease. The size of the lettering should, on average, be an inch per 10 feet of distance from the viewer. Signs on streets for passersby can be smaller, but billboards need to be much bigger so people driving by can see them clearly from afar. You must also take into account different weathers, various demographics of the target audience (children, the elderly, etc), and night time viewing.

Attention grabbing

The design must be immediately noticeable. Use bold, bright colors with vivid contrasts that stand out in the landscape of the area or the wall it goes up against. The font type should also be bold and striking, and should be well spaced out so that it stands out on the background colors. Also, remember not to use too many colors as this would just create confusion and take attention away from the sign.


Make sure to choose a font that is easily readable without much effort. In this fast paced world, your viewers do not have the time to stop and try to make out a random sign on the street. Drivers glance at signs for even shorter periods of time through their windscreens while battling rush hour traffic. If they cannot read it instantly, they will lose interest. Keep the font simple with no fancy bells and whistles. Sans Serif fonts works best for this purpose.


Where you place your sign is also imperative. It should be an area frequented by the target audience, and should garner maximum viewership. Announcements on banners and billboards are best placed high up to make them more readily visible from afar.

Impactful and memorable

Use a design element that makes your sign stand out in front of all the other signs. A catchy tagline or a gripping image will help people remember your sign and the message it conveys hours after they see it. Smart use of design elements Your text, images, and colors should be used in such a way that they are not uncomfortable to the eye. There should be a good flow and the placement of elements should keep the eye moving throughout the sign. No element should look awkward or out of place, and information should be grouped and contained in certain areas to avoid clutter.


This is an extremely important factor, and affects a lot of the other factors, such as legibility and visibility. It is crucial to keep your design simple with only the necessary information present. Do not make your sign a sale pitch; leave this for when the customer enters your building. Clutter only serves to confuse and annoy the viewer and to lose interest quickly. Keeping these few points in mind, your resulting design will be very effective. However, if you still find this job is beyond you, Spot Light Business Branding offers design services for any nature of project you might have.

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Guide to Vehicle Wrapping – Things to Consider

In a world where most of our lives are spent in commute, stuck in traffic staring at the boring behind of a dusty old pickup truck, branding through vehicles proves to be extremely useful. For new businesses, it is the most cost effective way to gain brand awareness and establishes authority and gain consumer trust. Your customized vehicles look professional and help customers remember you the next time they need the service you provide. It is also the cheapest way to get the maximum amount of exposure. However, when deciding to wrap your vehicle(s), there are a few things you should take into consideration so that the end product turns out the way you want it.

Your Purpose

Think carefully about what you would like to achieve with the wrap. Being a new business, you will need to build a customer base and would need a big attention grabbing sign which tells your audience who you are, what you do, and the easiest way to get in touch with you. On the other hand, you might only need to give a unified professional look to your fleet, and should then go for a simple design with a solid color and your name and decal on the doors or rear of the vehicle. You might also just need basic advertisement or promotions to be displayed, in which case attractive, colorful and catchy full vinyl wraps would work as they would grab attention and be remembered.

Your Vehicle of Choice

The kind of vehicles you use will also play a huge part in the final picture. When it comes to advertisements, trucks and buses are the best way to go, as their sheer size essentially turns them into mobile billboards, and can be easily spotted from afar. Wraps can also be applied to cars and vans, and here usually a simpler design would work better to just give a professional look, especially if you have a whole fleet. However, nothing is set in stone and many cars and vans are also used for advertisements.

Your Design

This could again be complex or simple depending on your purpose. It is however smart to have your image designed by professionals, as vehicle wrapping designs are more complicated than others since they are large and go on a surface that has no standard size. There are certain formats that must be used, the images usually saved in vector form, and a design that might look great on 2 dimensional paper might not work on a vehicle. If done at home, you might not get the results you anticipate and the design might get stretched or cropped when printed.

Your Medium/Method of Wrapping

There are two main methods used in car wrapping. For large and simple text based designs and decals you can go for cut-vinyl, which looks great and can last you up to 8 years. Spot Light Business Branding offers marine-grade printable vinyl wraps which can even be used to wrap boats. The second technique is a full wrap vinyl, which is a great way to customize your vehicle completely. This is great for advertisements and lets you really go crazy as the whole vehicle can be covered in colorful images and designs. If you have followed these simple tips you are now probably ready to have your vehicle wrapped without any more confusion. Just remember, all you need to do is decide the purpose of the wrap in question, and everything else will just fall into place.

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Selecting Promotional Products, 7 Things to Consider

Selecting promotional products are a great way to advertise, but often, the difficulty is in selecting promotional products to use for the give-away. Whether or not your give-away will help your business depends solely on what you give away. There are a few things to consider when selecting promotional products, which will make your decision much easier.

The audience

It is important to think about who your target audience is. Different kinds of products work for different age groups, genders and ethnicities. While older audiences prefer to receive items such as pens and calendars, younger generations would lean towards safety products and interesting and unique items. There are certain items that all audiences enjoy the same amount such as mugs, T-shirts and key chains. When selecting promotional products, make sure your demographics at at top of mind.


This is probably the most important factor. If your freebie serves no purpose, it is likely to either be thrown away or tucked away in a drawer or a cupboard. When selecting promotional products such as bags, apparel, mugs, clocks, key chains, calendars, stationary and office items are all great gifts as most people get a lot of use out of them.

The event/theme/location

Besides just selecting promotional products, the where and when you give out this item also plays a huge part in its success. If this is a company beach trip, fun and useful beach items would work, such as visors, mini sunblock bottles, or beach slippers. However, at a convention it is good to give out a tote bag that will be circulated throughout the convention and bring attention to your booth.

Long lasting

The product you give out must be durable and long-lasting. T-shirts and bags can usually last for years depending on usage, while a calendar is only valid for a year. Others might last a few months of weeks, such as pens and notebooks. When you select promotional products, avoid giving out fragile and flimsy items as they usually perish, unless it is to promote a temporary event such as a sale.

Purpose of the promotion

The types of products you use will be very different depending on what kind of affect you’re looking for. If you want to create brand loyalty and gift it to your customers as a thank you for choosing you, and keep them reminded of you at the same time, then something they can keep on their desk or use at the office would work as it will be in their sight at all times. However, if you’re looking for maximum exposure for your brand, it’s best to go for an item like a bag or a T-shirt that will be out there for all to see.


You can also select promotional products that are relevant to what your business sells, as this will better promote your company. For example, if you sell kitchen utensils, you would benefit from mini bottle openers that double as key chains, or corkscrews that are also fridge magnets.


Last but certainly not the least, make sure the product you hand out is good quality and stylishly designed. Not only will this ensure the customer uses the product, but a shoddy, cheap-looking gift will reflect badly on your company name and destroy your brand image. Selecting promotional products must be done carefully, as this object will create an impression on your customer, and it is important to make it a good one. Choose something that gets the audience excited and creates a buzz, and that is not easily forgotten.

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